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Our Alpha platform is now live and we're recruiting savvy investors to help us build an amazing platform for automated investing.

The goal is to allow for custom strategy building, but in the Alpha, we'll be giving you 20 pre-built strategies to get started with. Right now, our platform can find the best performing stocks for each strategy and rank these strategies from highest to lowest return in a selected market like the S&P 500. Our platform will also rank our pre-built strategies for your custom list of stock tickers. You can adjust the parameters of the default strategies, backtest with any date range, and then save and simulate your strategy. We've also just added trading summaries that list every trade implemented by your strategy in its backtest when you click on a stock symbol.

We're constantly working on more features and we need your help to make sure that we build the best platform possible! 

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5 Reasons to Invest in Our 20s

5 Reasons to Invest in Our 20s

For many in our 20s, it seems easier to avoid making investing decisions until we think our financial situation becomes more stable. We, however, are actually in the best position to enter the investing world, even with college debt and low salaries. Starting now can even expedite the process to becoming financially stable. Here are 5 reasons to start investing now! 

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We're super excited to launch our beta platform and we hope that you'll love it. 20+ years of research and development has been done on the back-end and we're finally ready to bring it to you through an innovative, easy-to-use platform.

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